Jimmy Van Bramer

 shows his support at Thursday

 Justice For All Rally

many more pix via www.J4AC.us
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Queens Advocates See Triple Threat: LIC Rezoning, BQX Streetcar, Sunnyside Yards Plan

Sunday Slashing on Vernon Boulevard

Get an Alert Next Time Someone Gets Shot at Queensbridge Houses

Queensbridge Arts District Events

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Kaufman Arts District Hosts Backlot Festival

June 25

 with Queensbridge participants

 in QCA Art Gallery

Visit  gallery space of Queens Council on the Arts at 37-11 35th Avenue, Astoria and see Queensbridge GUN SHOT ART.
June 24 and 25

Rita Frazier Normandeau performed outdoors on the

Sesame Street Piano



    Exhibition: until July 16th

    Gallery Hours: Thursdays, 6:30–10 pm,
 with Life–Drawing Workshop, 7–10 pm;
Saturdays & Sundays 11 am–6 pm,

 with LIC Flea & Food Market
    Art Talk: Sunday, June 25, 2–4 pm. Come meet the artists
    For more information visit - www.licartists.org

Featured Artists:
Elsie Apacible, Phyllis Bachman, Indrajeet Chandrachud, AnnCofta, Casey Concelmo, Carol Crawford, Jennifer Delilah, Michael Doyle, Andrew Renard Droege, Lilian R. Engel, Amy Geller, Mary Theresa Giancoli, Orestes Gonzalez, Tessa Kennedy, Matthew K. Kirby, Donna Levinstone, Alex Lopez, Jorge Posada, Adele Shtern, Elinore Schnurr, Helaine Soller, Conrad Stojak, Cristian Torres, Max Tzinman, and Junko Yamada



Location: The Plaxall Gallery,

5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City

skank fest

to july 14

@ Not For Them 

42-60 23rd St. Long Island City, NYC

Next to   New Post Office at 42-54 23rd Street

Fire Works

June 29

June 30
June 30 part 2

Favela Beach Brazilian Party
Favela Beach

Chuck Berry Tribute

July 9 Chuck Berry

Recurring Events

Live at the Gantries:

 Eight (8) concerts every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m

in July and August in Gantry Plaza State Park.

July 11: D.B. Reilly: Country, Zydeco, Blues music

July 18: Alex Cummings Ensemble: Straight ahead jazz

July 25: Conjunto Guantanamo: Afro-Cuban jazz ensemble

August 1: Samba, New York! Brazilian music and dance with a little capoeira to liven things up

August 8: Dance Entropy: Modern Dance but adapted for family audiences and for dancing on concrete

August 15: High and Mighty Brass Band: New Orleans style jazz

August 22: Dan Martin Ensemble: Standards, jazz

August 29: Inkarayku: Peruvian Folk Music

22-25 Jackson avenue
See schedule of events HERE
Free Entry for Queensbridge Arts District Residents

Having a Queensbridge Area Event?

Art show?
Gun fight?
Pit Bull Fight?
Open House for Apartment Sublet?

Email us a .jpg flier and we will try to post it here.

LIC Bar Schedule

On Vernon Boulevard

John Brown Smokehouse

44 Drive and 11 Street

John Brown Beer Menu HERE

 New York Law Journal Reports on NYCHA and Bed Bugs

Roaches are out of control in some Queensbridge Houses buildings.

Entire buildings should be exterminator treated


Queensbridge Seniors

 Going to Roosevelt Island Senior Center.

See testimony in VIDEO

There are over ONE THOUSAND Seniors living in Queensbridge Houses. 95% keep away from Queensbridge Senior Center.

See for yourself by examining census figures
Census Tract 25 is Queensbridge Houses only

Some Queensbridge Seniors go to
Sunnyside Senior Center.

Some Queensbridge Seniors go to

Elmhurst Jackson Height Senior Center

Toddlers will put anything in their mouths

including dog turds

Cropped shit
Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire
On sidewalk at Queensbridge Houses playground.
One piece evens stands on its own!

Send us photos of dog poop near children's playgrounds.for
NYCHA Dog Poop Portfolio

You can report dog poop to City Hall HERE

At Tenant Association meeting it was recommended to take photos of people who do not clean up after their dogs and report to manager. We have NEVER heard of him talking any action, but ... you never know.

Still showing:

The Iceman Confesses:

 Secrets of a Mafia Hitman,

"The Iceman Confesses"
is also known as
"Iceman II",
a true story.
HBO, 2001
with two former
Queensbridge Tenant Association Board Members
and current
Queensbridge Outreach Board Members
and current
Queensbridge Tenant Council Board Members
and current
SAG-AFTRA Seniors Committee members
portraying EMTs

Also see former Queensbridge Houses
Tenant Association President in Dave Chappelle
DVD Season One talking about Mister Ed, the Talking Horse

See former
Queensbridge Tenant Association Board Member
and current
Queensbridge Outreach Board Member
and current
Queensbridge Tenant Council Board Member
and current
SAG-AFTRA Seniors Committee member
as French speaking chef in the movie Light Sleeper
light sleeper

. The Third Jihad: Radical Islam's Vision for America
 - HD Version Video

Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves (Video)

Pedophile too, married a nine year old girl

. .

In NYPD Housing Bureau PSA 9,

the NCO sergeant is Sgt. Anthony Bruno.

NCOs for

Astoria Houses are Essence McDonald and Michael Roberts;

Ravenswood Houses, Levi Stewart and Tamisha Hoyte;

Queensbridge Houses Clyde Gabriel and Roland Matthews; and

Woodside Houses Kevin Healy and Jason Carman.

Dark Hallways and more NYCHA safety issues

85% Failure Rate on NYCHA Safety Enforcement!
Nursery Participants Escape Horrific Death

Hallway light problem reported by
with ticket # 16,385,878 to
NYCHA in February 2011
was not repaired until August 2011
QB hallway
[Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire]

 Why doesn't Jimmy Van Bramer ever point the finger at NYCHA?

Is NYCHA at all responsible [due to contributory negligence] for violence that happens? What do you think?
If NYC Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer was concerned about NYCHA's gross negligence and depraved indifference when it comes to tenant safety safety at Queensbridge Houses, he would kick NYCHA's ass about their neglect of unlocked lobby doors and light outages that ensure the get-aways of criminals.

What is little talked about, is that NYCHA has past history of deliberately leaving lobby doors unlocked to punish tenants for not "Volunteering" for Tenant Patrol [or whatever that protection racket is now called]. Crime victims' attorney should contact us for more information.

We report more NYCHA wrongdoings then he does!

NYCHA pays Tweeters. We Tweet about NYCHA for FREE!

dog shit

How about NYCHA requiring dog DNA upon registration?

Monthly subscriptions for a



hate is enemy


LIC Arts Open Gallery, The Factory,
 30-30 47th AVE, LIC, NY 11101

Events/Dates: Exhibition:
Thursday, 22nd June - Thursday, 20th July 2017

at the Factory

Factory 2

Many more pix HERE

If you want to use your AC to get your beer cold,
put the cans on the inside


For Area Zoning Changes,
alleged Affordable Rents,
and BQX info see


See how "Low Income" apartment become high rent

See more about proposed controversial BQX street car

EXCLUSIVE: Scathing City Hall memo debunks de Blasio's promises on Brooklyn-Queens streetcar funding

Housing Cop selling cocaine at 11 Street and 38 Avenue. Story HERE

With Free Queensbridge WiFi

it's time to downgrade TWC/Spectrum internet!

Get their $14.99 plan as a backup


Send him to Queensbridge Houses


How long will outsiders continue to disrespect Queensbridge Houses Tenants?

Queensbridge tenants have to walk in traffic lane as cars park on sidewalk under Queensboro Bridge

sidewalk 1

plate 4988

family in street

Plates on sidewalk cars

plate FFE

sidewalk car

More photos
HERE click here

Dangerous NYCHA Sidewalk

at Queensbridge Houses

NYCHA Complaints

NYCHA repairs

Tweet NYCHA problems to
 @311NYC or TEXT 311692

Mold in your NYCHA apartment?
Click Here

Is NYCHA ignoring problems?

Want to establish a complaint trail?
Here is what to do:
Report problem to NYCHA
Get a complaint number
After a few days, report problem to 3-1-1 with NYCHA complaint number.
FREE photography of unsafe conditions in your
Queensbridge apartment.
Contact us.

Some NYCHA Tenant Association Presidents joined the board of directors of the Friends of the BQX

What can the proposed Brooklyn-Queens street car do that a bus can't?

1. Create a novelty to promote condo sales

2. Make it harder to cope with Sandy-like problems along the waterfront. Hard to re-route rails due to flooding!

http://www.brooklyneagle.com reports:
"The five presidents will be joining the board of directors of the Friends of the BQX, a not-for-profit organization created to support the city’s efforts to build a streetcar line."

If you live in Queensbridge Houses South, you live in Queens Plaza Zone, click for info.

QB South

NYCHA Board Meeting
Mentions Privatization "26 Developments"

reports "NY Housing Authority Bringing Private Investors Into Far Rockaways Project"

New Landlords for NYCHA Tenants

http://www.gothamgazette.com reports:
The goal of RAD is to alleviate the debt burden felt by local public housing authorities by allowing them to sell a stake in their properties to private development firms that can then refurbish the units. When a public housing authority sells a stake in their public housing property to a private developer and redevelopment of a public housing development takes place, the tenants living in these units are no longer tenants of a public housing development but become Section 8 voucher holders living in a private-public property, while the housing units themselves are required by law to continue as affordable housing units.

Drone's eye view of Queensbridge Houses

Can you document NYCHA problems?

See one tenant's NYCHA problems September 2016 video HERE

Lady has gone to court with problems. Now NYCHA wants to retaliate by moving family to worse place!

Shame on NYCHA

The NY Daily news has a report about a tenant who complained about mold. To get even they started eviction proceedings against her with such charges as unregistered dog. She was able to prove that her dog was registered with NYCHA. They used other phony retaliatory charges.

We know this can happen, as we ourselves were subjected to same underhanded treatment by Queensbridge Houses management. We were [among other things] accused of having an unauthorized air conditioner. We were able to prove that we had been paying NYCHA extra monthly money for TEN YEARS for air conditioner electricity. Maybe a corrupt NYCHA official had siphoned off the money?

Did you know that NYCHA has a history of
to punish tenants?

They have removed lobby door locks where tenants did not "volunteer" for Tenant Patrol duties; sitting as unpaid guards in the lobby. Supervisors of this protection racket got paid.

Regarding stabbed children we Tweeted:
"Tell us: @NYCHA @SholaOlatoye : how did perp get in building? Unlocked lobby door?"
UPDATE, yes NYCHA kept door unlocked!

Queensbridge shooting victim due to unlocked lobby door?

Slip, falls and serious injury due to NYCHA negligence?


or click here for lawyers

If you want a better place to live, don't be hesitant to call 9-1-1 for issues where police should be involved.

Don't exaggerate what you see. 

If you want to be truly anonymous, call from a deactivated cell phone you bought at a flea market. They can still call 9-1-1!

Or call from a payphone

Queensbridge Houses residents interviewed on Trump and politics http://x.co/QBTV

Queensbridge Gift Shop

The only
Gun Shot
Gift Shop
in North America

Handsomely framed 8x10 [other sizes also] photo of bullet hole in Queensbridge supermarket window. Shows finger in bullet hole.

This a is RARE COLLECTOR'S ITEM as holes have now been hidden from public view!

FREE delivery in Queensbridge Arts Area

Only $10.00.

Framed gun shot
Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire

Different Queensbridge Houses Gunshot Art is also available as matted 11x17 print in 16x20 frame for $50.00

Gunshot art also available on canvas for $100.00
Similar to below as described in
New York Times story: "Art Auction a huge success"

gun shot

Our contact info at top of page

As Seen on Fox TV: Queensbridge Crime Story HERE

City of New York would have more money if they weren't paying for so many NYPD lawsuits.

According to records compiled by the Comptroller's Office, New York City paid out a record $732 million to settle lawsuits in the last fiscal year

wsj.com: "New York City's $41 million settlement in the "Central Park Five" lawsuit..."

The city has agreed to pay nearly $600,000 to settle allegations that police wrongfully arrested a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters

New York City has agreed to pay nearly $18 million for the arrest, detention and fingerprinting of hundreds of protesters, journalists, legal observers and bystanders during the 2004 Republican National Convention?

$333K in settlements: High Ranking NYPD Cop, Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, gassed prisoners.

There was a separate settlement for NYC Councillor Ydanis Rodríguez

FBI Says
 Racist Organizations
 Have Been Infiltrating Police Departments For Years!

We need MORE police to speak out about abuse.

"I'm a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing"
 by Redditt Hudson

Philly Police @CaptainRayLewis Stood w/Protesters &
Told Police To End Open Season On Black Men

An Ex-Baltimore Police Officer Discusses Racism, Police Brutality, And Why We Desperately Need Police Reform

Here we learn how cops themselves are abused by the system

Queensbridge bloody sidewalk

QB Blood on sidewalk
Normandeau Newswire Photo
Send us your crime photos

Gun shots through windows

 at Queensbridge Supermarket
are now covered up with nice pictures.
See BEFORE and AFTER below.

Before   after
[Normandeau Newswire Photos]

#ManhattanDA Vance says  5% of NYC residents live in NYCHA housing, where 25% of city crime occurs.

NY Daily News Reports: Major crimes such as shootings, murder, robberies, rape, assault and burglaries in NYCHA's 334 developments have risen 31% since 2009.

http://www.qchron.com further expounds:
Among what the paper called the "worst of the worst" is Queensbridge South, which it said has seen major crime jump 47 percent since 2009.

VIDEO  "Queensbridge Houses and Astoria Houses
 are ENEMY projects"

NY Daily News reports at http://nydn.us/1O5iQlSs:
"...8.9% jump in major crimes in NYCHA developments this year through May 15 compared to the same period last year. That’s in contrast to a miniscule 0.2% rise citywide during that same period."

NYCHA crime increase is forty-four times the citywide crime increase

NYCHA Rents may go to 35% of income

 and cost tenants over one thousand dollars extra per year. This was reported in Wednesday May 24, 2017 Board Meeting

NYCHA Smoking Ban May Be Enforced by Tenant Patrol

Mail Missing?
Queensbridge USPS Mail Tracking


. maloney

Saturday in Queensbridge Park

qb lives


Hot Salad Co.
served delicious food FOR FREE
hot salad

Young lemonade entrepreneur

Queensbridge Houses'

Mobb Deep Rap Legend Prodigy

[Albert Johnson] Dead at 42

Tribute at the subway


Bloods Queensbridge Houses shooting victim dead

Perp may have fled into 41-11 Vernon Boulevard which NYPD photo shows may have have had an open lobby door. NYCHA has in past punished tenants by creating safety hazards, I.E.: leaving doors open. That door does NOT properly secure as tested Wednesday.

Below spotted at Queensbridge Houses playground.


2016 Rapes surged by 20 percent in NYCHA projects. 25% of all NYC shootings happen in the projects

Queensbridge Sublets quote:

Then they took me to a safe house, an apartment in the projects where they kept their money, guns and ammo, all in a bunch of fireproof cases ...

Chilling photos reveal
the lives of junkies and dealers in NYC projects .

Who is subletting NYCHA apartments when they are vacated?

Want to rent a room in Queensbridge Houses? Click HERE

If you want to sub-let an entire Queensbridge Houses apartment there are other places for listings. People legitimately wanting to pay their rent when having problems with the on-line system are told to ask other tenants for help.

NYCHA Inspector General Scandal!!! Listen at 1h26m

No One Murdered By Gun Fire at Queensbridge Houses
              Since May 15, 2017

Countdown clocks at bus stops?

Your Smart Phone already does what
 countdown clock$ at bus stops would do

In the Projects

Queensbridge Gun  Shooting

Ravenswood Postal worker robbed


Find out what is happening in Queensbridge with the
Citizen: Safety & Awareness App

So many rats that there are RAT CROSSING SIGNS

rat sign

rats 2

NYCHA we are told, removed signs

"they don't work, because rats don't know how to read"


NYCHA Is Still Failing to Seek Eviction of Tenants Who Knowingly Shelter Dangerous Criminal Offenders

NYC Dept. of Investigation says NYCHA workers falsified safety checks. READ DOI’S REPORT on NYCHA #SAFETY Checks
See http://x.co/DOAxNYCHA

Hear Death By NYCHA

Upon request we can show proof that NYCHA has deliberately CREATED safety hazards to punish building tenants

Queensbridge Conference Line


1 (718) 819-1710
PIN:  800-3515
Expires: Jul 25

Set up a time with your neighbors

We can advertise it here

Bernie Sanders on ACA:

"Despite the modest gains of the Affordable Care Act, 35 million Americans continue to lack health insurance and many more are under-insured."

See NYSOH shame

US Rep Maloney knows about this violation of Federal Law.

When is the last time you saw Maloney?

She was not at the big meeting where moving people out of the projects was talked about! US Rep Maloney was a Queensbridge no-show. A video of Maloney with her Jackson Heights constituents on a SUNDAY is at http://maloney.ACAshame.com

US Rep Maloney referred matter to @SenGianaris in November 2014.

Gianaris is snubbing Maloney!!

In NY Medicaid Seniors at 122% of FPL
must pay 22% of income for same coverage as
non-Seniors get for FREE.

Former NYCHA Police Officer Treated in Disgraceful Manner

See NYCHA Board Meeting Video HERE

Queensbridge Area Supermarkets

Queensbridge Fine Fare Supermarket flyer HERE

Trade Fair 36 Avenue flyer HERE

FORGET about Key Foods on 21 Street.
They don't carry all items in flyer.

Senior Discounts is available. See flyers

Warning to Senior Citizens shopping at

Queensbridge Houses supermarket:

Seniors lose their 5% Senior discount if they use ANY manufacturers' coupon. So if their groceries were to total $100.00 with a $5.00 Senior discount; Seniors LOSE their five dollar discount if they use a 30¢ manufacturer's coupon.

Jimmy Van Bramer Co-Sponsored Bill
 to Charge Plastic Bag Fee at Grocery Stores

How about discouraging people from buying water in throw-away bottles? Some restaurants refuse to give you tap water!

Bottles take more room than bags.

What's the story Jimmy?

What happened to the thousands of dollars in Queensbridge Tenant Association treasury that should have been turned over to current team?

At inauguration of current Board, Jimmy Van Bramer stated that all records should be turned over from old Board to new Board!

Jimmy, look into this!

Jimmy Van Bramer:

Get the 10 Street walkway at Baby Park open again

van brammer ban
[Screen grab Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire]

Queens Plaza South 5-story former Eagle Electric factory building to be demolished to make way for the construction of two 28 story residential towers with a total of 410 units a few feet away from #7 and N train tracks.

Will Van Bramer ask that trains no longer make noise there? He did that with LIRR in Hunters Point!

When 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center is replaced with luxury apartment buildings, what will happen to noisy #7 train there?

Will Van Bramer ask that #7 trains not run at night?

"Calling on the LIRR to 'End the Noise' with Long Island City Residents"

2017 shootings,  at Queensbridge Houses

Monday May 15, 2017
41 Road and 10 Street

Saturday March 18, 2017
male shot at 41-02 10 Street

2016 shootings at Queensbridge Houses

Saturday January 16, 2016
male shot in the head at 40-16 Vernon Boulevard

2015 shootings at Queensbridge Houses

Saturday May 30, 2015
3 shot, 1 dead

2014 shootings at Queensbridge Houses

October 16, 2014 7:45 p.m. on Vernon Boulevard teenager shot in the stomach.

September 7, 2014 male shot in both legs at 41 Avenue and 12 Street.

August 23, 2014 corner of 10th Street and 40th Avenue,  27-year-old shot in the right knee.

March 2014, three people shot at 41-16 12 Street

April 16, 2014 one person shot at 41-02 12 Street

2013 shootings at Queensbridge Houses

January 1, 2013 New Year's Day, a man was shot in both legs on 10th St in Queensbridge Houses.

February 2, 2013 Saturday Evening 21 Street and 41 Avenue shot through the chest. Video HERE

March 2013, no one shot

April 3, 2013 person shot at 40-13 Vernon Boulevard

Friday May 17, 2013, 1:16 AM 2 males shot at 40 06 12 St

Monday June 11, 2013, teenage girl shot in chest at 40-03 10th Street. Only female shot at Queensbridge Houses in all of 2013

July 2013, no one shot at Queensbridge Houses, but blind man left for dead after robbery

August, September, October, November, December 2013,
no one shot at Queensbridge Houses

Do you want to make international calls cheaply?
Click HERE  and for some free time use promo code "FREEoffer23"

Queensbridge Arts Area Discounts

On an eclectic variety of goods and services including 2 for 1 theater tickets.

Dietary Supplement Active Ingredient

Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

The New York Attorney General launched an investigation into generic herbal supplements and found that many of these products do not contain any of the advertised active ingredients.

Moreover, some of these supplements were found to be adulterated with potentially dangerous substances.

We Tweeted Target:

Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire

Are the supplement products in attached adulterated?
Tell me what is REALLY inside.


Find products you purchased

Fill out the claim form

Get your check in the mail

You likely qualify for this TUNA settlement

Beware of crappy Izod workmanship
[Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire]

More photos HERE

Thinking of buying a Virgin phone?
They changed TOS to say:
"We may change any part of the Agreement at any time, including, but not limited to, rates..."

So buy an expensive phone and then rates may triple!

If you have a credit balance when you leave, Virgin confiscates it.

Whole Foods accused of 'routine' overcharging

 New York City Department of Consumer Affairs said about Whole Foods "Our inspectors tell me this is the worst case of mislabeling they have seen in their careers"

Hidden link to reports of side effects of Claritin.

Violence, suicidal thoughts and more, such as overly aggressive dealing with the public

Click HERE

See Selena Blake's
"Queensbridge The Other Side"

the documentary about
Queensbridge Houses
Video info here
See if you recognize some of the residents.

Want to complain right to the top of the chain?

Go to https://twitter.com
and follow, respond to and Tweet to:

Feel free to reply to their Tweets

@RepMaloney is a strictly one way Twitter account
Her office will NOT respond to NYCHA tenant Tweets

Yahoo problems information at

How well does Yahoo Email rate? Click HERE


Beware eBay scams

See http://x.co/eScam
You can't get shown item at advertised price.
Report to eBay using report button

This could possibly be used to bridge free WiFi to Ethernet

Also see negative feedback

Will Jesse Watters Replace Bill O'Reilly?

See Jesse Watters Conducting Interviews at Queensbridge Houses

Save money
On computers. Refurbished computers as low at $95.00


Family of Student Killed by NYPD Patrol Car at Queensbridge Houses Receives $500k settlement from the City

Daily Updates on Scams Here                                         Queensbridge Arts District Weather Report

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